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Terrazzo Series Earphones

Music meet you, leave ZEREST to us

Terrazzo Series Wireless Earphones. Attachable Cable. USB-C Jack.

DAC Sound Chip. Meeting-ready MEM Microphone.

World’s first Hybrid TWS Earbuds that transform into IEMs. Compatible with existing IEM 2-pin cables for customisability. Wireless convenience, without the pains.
In addition to a Charging Case, charge and use your wireless earbuds with our specialised USB-C Cable.

No more waiting for recharges. No more bad microphones. No more bad compressed sound quality. Back our project; we will deliver our promise to you.

We will send you emails on our Kickstarter releases, so you can get instant access to your new Tera Hybrid Earbuds. We will only send updates. We promise no spam.


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