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Music and mood!

Music has the power to touch our souls and bring comfort to our minds. As someone who has struggled with depression (still do).. I know firsthand how music can make a huge difference in our mental health.

This makes majority of the reason why I’ve decided to jump on this endeavour in Zerest Audio. Because i believe music can save lives. I want everyone to have access to great music with a great pair of earphones at an affordable cost.. but that’s for another post.

Studies have shown that listening to music can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can improve our mood, boost our motivation, and help us cope with difficult emotions.

Music therapy is also becoming increasingly recognised as an effective treatment for depression, although I’ve never tried that before!

Kagami Wireless Prototype (I’m loving it!)

Personally, I have found that certain genres of music have a particularly positive impact on my mental health. Unfortunately, my favourite genre does not much good for me. Rock music can gives me a bit of sadness, angst, as well as a little bit of negativity. Pop music however, works the other way round for me!

If you’re going through a tough time right now, I encourage you to explore the healing power of music. Pop in the best wireless earbuds that you have with you, or your fashionable headphones. Put on your favourite song or album, or try listening to something new that resonates with your current mood. You might be surprised at how much it can help.

Jeremy’s (me) favourite track.

What I’d personally do is pop on my Kagami Wireless Earbuds (Prototype, hehe I’m still special for now, you can get yours soon!), and play November Rain by Guns N’ Roses. A song that sounds beautiful should be played on earphones that sound the best.

Let’s start a conversation: What music do you turn to when you’re feeling down?

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