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Chi-Fi, drivers tuning, and Zerest.

2 nights ago, I was casually browsing through the internet to do some shopping for some affordable cables for my IEMs.

Google suggested some other searches.. “best budget IEM cable”, “best budget IEMs”, and eventually I saw “what are the top chifi IEMs”.

Many Singaporeans are open to purchasing Chi-Fi IEMs recently, as they’re budget earphones with quality that far surpasses the price they pay.

I noticed Lazada were full of Chi-Fi IEMs!

So what is Chi-Fi?

“Chi-Fi refers to low-cost Chinese Hi-Fi portable audio systems and earbuds, which are mostly made by unknown brands, and can only be ordered from Chinese online stores. Some of the products deliver sounds comparable to the popular names, but quality control is often an issue.” – robert from playbutton.co

As we can see, Chi-Fi has now emerged to have become strong competition in the audio market. Offering up to 10 or more Balanced Armature (BA) drivers per side, at below a hundred dollars?

Gone were the days where we had to come up with a thousand dollars, an arm and a leg, for a pair of earphones that had everything and could do everything!

Or perhaps, not.

Why does my Single 5mm Dynamic Driver (DD) earphones from K*****h sound better than one of the popular Chi Fi company’s 4 BA + 1 DD IEM?

(We are not going to name brands, this is a earphones comparison, not an attack! They both sound great!)

It didn’t make sense to me when I was just getting into audio a few years back. Let me answer this question for you so you don’t have to search it up yourself.


That’s right, drivers have to be tuned! Some high end audio companies take years to tune a single driver! (Kudos to Shure for the hard work.)

Having realized that, we opted for a really well tuned single Dynamic driver in our IEMs in Zerest, providing budget earphones with excellent sound without breaking the buck. We wanted to provide quality sound, not a gimmicky low cost IEM.

^ A model of what forms the Dynamic Driver, specifically taken from the modelling of our 10mm drivers.

By going with a single DD instead of multiple BAs which costs more to tune, we have saved you some money while being able to gift you better sounding earphones compared to a multidriver IEM that sound rather harsh and badly tuned.

Having sourced a factory in China that could provide us what we have researched and wanted in terms of quality..

The results were superb. You wouldn’t believe your ears when you try the Zerest Kagami.

Great Price, Great Sound, with a single dynamic driver.

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