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What we have been up to, Zerest 2022.

Hello, Jeremy here, and today I’d be writing this blog post to share what we have done since launch and what we are planning to do this year.

There haven’t been many posts, but we have been doing a lot behind the scenes.

So yes, let’s go back to last year when we relaunched.

It was extremely hectic, with just Melissa and I doing everything we could.

We had to ensure the stock was still in excellent condition; we removed the matte and reassembled the earphones ourselves.

Hundreds of pairs.

Then, of course, we had to take some new product photos other than just preparing our stock.

Three amazing photographers are doing us a favour, free of charge.

We had also commissioned Fiqsan Digital, a young photographer running his gig, trying to make it out on his own.

Not to mention, the models who were my friends offered to help out as well. A full day of shooting is not exactly the most relaxing job, and not to mention, we did a few.

This year, we had reached out to a few local audiophiles and some abroad.

Alright, maybe we didn’t reach out to them.

BaskingShark reached out to us and did us a deed by introducing us to many of his friends and connections.

Larry Fulton, a local audiophile/tuner, did me a massive favour by connecting me with audiophiles like Ian, a YouTube creator, and Erik, the admin of NBBA (No BS Budget Audio).

I have yet to send a sample to Erik due to my “terribad” time management, and I’m glad Erik didn’t mind it at all! Thanks, Erik!

Okay, now for the reviewers. We had some fantastic reviews on our Kagami+; however, there would be some points for improvement.

Regardless of good reviews or reviews that call for improvement, we are delighted to receive them, as we are a new company and we do need an opinion to ensure we could produce excellent earphones.

Many other audio companies exist in the Audio Market, such as Kotori Audio, Kinera, Moondrop, and I’m a massive fan of their works. Hopefully, we will have our brand out there alongside theirs.

When people think of “best earphones”, I’d hope for them to have Zerest Audio in their considerations one day.

We are currently looking for physical stores to have the Kagami+ on their shelves. Hopefully, we will be able to provide an update on that.

We will also be sending more earphones out for reviews, and if you’re interested, do contact us!

Thank you for the support!

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