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Your friends will LOVE these Xmas Presents!

Hello everyone! This is Jeremy.

I was thinking of prepping for Christmas recently, and i felt that perhaps, could write a different kind of blog post on our website.

Every single year, getting Christmas gifts for family and friends was kind of a pain in the rear.

Christmas gifts are about what comes from the heart, it’s the gesture rather than the value of the item.

Except you should have seen the hilarious shocked look on my Dad’s face when he found out i received Whiskey Shot Chocolates when i was 14.

Let’s not create any similar situations, shall we? I’m going to list out some considerations for gifts that i had, personally, and these are ideas that might be practical or show that it’s an effort from the heart.

1. Zerest Kagami/Kagami+ Earphones

As someone who stares at earphones all day, every day.. i love listening to great music.

But my friends don’t seem to like the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on earphones for sound! 

Everyone uses earphones for music, so why not look to impress your friends and family with these stylish earphones that doesn’t break your bank? 

Head to our web-store on the 13th to 17th December and purchase a bundle which includes a pair of Kagami and Kagami+ for $150!

You can use one yourself or give away both pairs as a present, alternatively, keep both for yourself! (Just kidding.)

2. Gift Cards

What’s a bigger hack than Gift cards? Everyone’s happy to receive ‘money’, so get a gift card for your friends!

They’d thank you for offering them the choice of their own gifts. 

You could get them CapitaMall Vouchers, Grab Gift cards, Starbucks Cards, or Uniqlo/H&M Gift cards.

Another gift card option would be subscription services, such as Netflix, Spotify, or Tidal gift cards!

3. A Customised Shirt

Have a couple of friends and family members?

Or perhaps you’d like to deliver a personal touch for your gift to your loved ones?

Go for a personalised and custom designed shirt.

They’re always a pleasure to be received, and these shirts will always remind your loved ones of precious memories.

You could try heading to Uniqlo Orchard Central Global Flagship Store for an amazing custom shirt print!

4. Drawing Tablets

For the creative ones.

When it comes to artists who love to draw, there’s going to be a lot of paper wastage.

Or perhaps, even with young kids, you are bond to find your walls scribbled and riddled.

Get a tablet for drawing, those precious works of art could be saved forever.

Popular brands would be XP-Pen, Wacom, and HUION, to name a few

Say goodbye to the troubles of creativity!

5. The Airtag (or any other tracking devices)

If you would like to help the clumsy? 
There’s no need to elaborate on this.

If you know a friend or a family member who possesses a special talent of misplacing their items, do them a favour and throw an AirTag at them.

These trackers will ensure they would never lose their keys or wallets ever again!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Jeremy and Melissa, from the Zerest Audio Team.

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