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Music meets you, leave Zerest to us

Solid connection without any dropping out

With out latest bluetooth 5.2 chip, we guarantee you a solid connection that doesn’t cut off. Connect with your devices like your laptop or phone seamlessly

Sweat Proof, rain proof, water resistant

With an IPX5 rating, take your earphones to the gym for a long sweaty workout without worrying. Spill some water on the table or talk a walk in the rain and our earphones will continue to work perfectly.

Nothing is more annoying than short battery life. We know that’s why we’re addressing it

With 8hrs play time on the earbuds. you can listen to the earphones for an entire day at work or school without worrying about it going flat. Combined with our charging case, it totals 40hrs play time.

Want a punchy bass with clarity on the instruments and vocals? We’ve got you

With dual drivers, our earbuds present you with an amazing sound. We have a titanium dynamic driver that delivers on the bass. We then have a balanced armature driver that focuses more on instruments and vocals. Combined together, this is a sound that will impress.

Snug fit and ergonomic shape that reduces ambient sound

Our earbuds comes with an upper notch that fits into the upper triangular fossa of your ear. This ensures that whether you’re running or jogging, it’s not going to fall out. Because of this snug fit, our earbuds reduces ambient noise by 20db.


Available in white and gold as well as black and blue, our color design is unique and eye catching. Look good, feel good.

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The Kagami + is designed to produce a neutral tone, with excellent sound separation. It has a well balanced treble that does not produce sibilance, and provides a solid and accurate bass response. It’s an excellent pair of monitors to hear all the details you didn’t know existed.

Kagami Wired Series