How Zerest Audio Began

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Zerest Audio started when I handed a pair of handmade earphones to a friend. She loved it so much, she said "Why don't you sell earphones?"

As a hobbyist, I spent many years building earphones by hand. A particularly niche hobby I'll admit. I also loved the idea of detachable cables - a concept mostly available for high end brands then.
I would buy numerous kinds of speakers online. Neodymium drivers, balanced armature drivers, high pass filters and so on. I would solder everything up to an MMCX connector then I would assemble the parts into an IEM shell. Plug in a pair of wires, and listen to the sound.

My venture into the earphone field carried on into designing a 3D shell. I taught myself google Sketchup and then Autocad. I thought I was doing great until I brought my design to a 3D printing shop, the person manning the counter looked at my drawing and went "The earphone walls have no thickness. I can't print this." I guess I should've consulted Youtube more? HAHA

One thing led to the next, I finally found a supplier willing to produce the parts I wanted. From there, Zerest Audio as a local brand was born. The sound profile is spectacular, the clarity and warmth is perfectly paired with sound separation. Each earphone you receive is hand assembled and sound balanced. If you see small little imperfections on the shell, I hope you'll treat them as the uniqueness of a hand assembled earphone. I can assure you, that in one pair of earphones you will hear the years of my experience.

I hope you'll enjoy the superb quality that I've prepared for you! Because, I can't wait for you to hear it.

I'll end off, with a line from my favorite artist. "Can I touch your eardrums?"